Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kiwi A-Frame, RIP

It's so sad. On Saturday the great old Kiwi A-Frame out on the ice shelf burned to the ground. It's about a twenty-minute Hagglunds ride from Scott Base, out past "Snowmound City", where the field safety training folks conduct "happy camper school". I stayed out there with some friends a couple of times last year. It was a funky little hut-- cozy and old.

The Kiwis were trying to get a heater lit, when evidently some fuel sprayed out and caught the place on fire. Nobody was seriously hurt, but one guy did get his face singed a bit. Unfortunately the remote location and flammable materials meant there was going to be know way to stop it, once it lit.

Here's a link to my blog post last year:

(Picture from the NZ Herald website)

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