Friday, May 15, 2009

Cookin' in the dark

Holy cow it's hot in my office! This funky old building is set up to have the heat cranking all the time, with no thermostat. It's almost always fine, because it's usually windy here, which keeps the heat just right. We've had some calm weather the last few days, so there's no wind to strip the heat from the building. It gets outrageously hot in my office whenever the wind slacks off. It was 89F in my office when I got to work this morning. In one particularly hot room, it was 92.7F the other day. (There's a digital thermometer in there to record our "indoor weather".)

On the other hand, the calm weather is great when I'm outside. It's been around -20F for the last few days and feels balmy because the icy wind is gone. It's pretty much pitch dark all the time now, and it's cool to be able to go outside and look at the stars. The brightest time of the day is around 1PM, and it's not bright enough any more to wash out the brighter stars. We've had some very faint auroras-- looking forward to some bright ones.

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