Monday, May 11, 2009

Goodbye to Pegasus

Went out to the Pegasus runway today to retrieve the last of my communications gear for the winter. Fleet Ops keeps a trailer out there as a warm up shelter. It has wireless internet, a radio telephone, and a VHF radio. The "singlewide" as the trailer is known, is pulled up on a berm of snow for the winter, and most of the gear is removed to keep it from freezing over the winter.

Pegasus is our "blue ice" runway. For some reason snow is continually scrubbed from the area, exposing the hard blue Ross Ice Shelf ice. It's perfect for a runway, because it's not being constantly drifted over like other places on the ice shelf.

I had hoped to get some good pictures, but it was slightly cloudy and pretty dark. We've had a full moon lately, which is awesome. The path of the moon is crazy here-- it goes around the sky in a flat circle, so it is sometimes up for days without setting.

Here's a picture I took around 3:30PM today. There was just a hint of pink light on the horizon. It's really starting to get dark now!

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