Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunset Pics

(This was a "travelogue" e-mail, sent out on April 9, 2008)

Hi all,

I found a couple of good pictures of McMurdo sunsets on our network. There isa common drive where people post pictures and other stuff, like funny videos. I go in and check it for good stuff periodically, which is a lot easier than standingoutside watching the sun set for two hours. It is really hard to get good sunsetshots, because the event lasts for several hours, and frequently the good colorscome out long after the sun is below the horizon. There are usually nacreous clouds ( around, which light up in all kinds of crazy colors at sunset. Even in the middle of the daytime, nacreous clouds are blue and pink, and the effect is greatly increased by looking at them through polarized sunglasses. These sunset pics were taken on 4/4, at which time this sort of color would have been about 6PM. In one picture, you can see another sunset watcher in the big red parka, and the corner of Robert Scott's discovery hut.



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