Friday, May 16, 2008

AHT Tour

This Thursday the Kiwis had an open house for the yanks. They let us come over and see the work the Antarctic Heritage Trust (AHT) have been doing ( They are working to conserve the artifacts that were left behind by Antarctic explorers at the beginning of the twentieth century. There is actually quite a bit of stuff in those huts, and some of it is in remarkably good shape. The conservators, Carla, Lizzie, Therese, and Susanne, have a nice blog at: Ironically, Lizzie is the only Kiwi in the group. Therese and Carla are Canadian, and Susanne is from Virginia. They were very gracious in answering our questions, and they let us look at some cool artifacts. There were some jars of gooseberries that looked almost edible. There all sorts of cool broken pots and things, as well as some food containers that looked almost new. You can see a webcam of Scott Base at

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