Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hero Shot

(This is from a "travelogue" e-mail sent out on March 30, 2008)

Hi All,

Last Thursday I got a chance to ride in a helicopter, to go up to one of the most scenic places on the Antarctic continent. The peak is called 1882, AKA the Matterhorn. There is a radio repeater site up there, and we were there to change the batteries in the radios. The view was unbelievable up there, and I even got a chance to hike around a bit. In this picture, there is a big valley behind me, one of the McMurdo Dry Valleys ( If I were to take about twenty steps back, I would plunge off a 3000' cliff. When the helo picked us up, he flew straight up, then plunged over the cliff like a roller coaster ride, since our next destination was at Lake FryxellCamp, in the bottom of the valley. I'll be going through the pictures,and will send out more as I process them.

Happy Trails,


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