Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sun and Freshies!

Yesterday I went out to Pegasus to finish up some work on a radio antenna. Day before yesterday was the official first sunrise, but it was very overcast on that day, so nobody saw the sun. Yesterday I didn't get out to the runway until after 2, and I didn't even bring a camera. I didn't think I'd get to see the sun that late. Turns out it was still up, and I got to see it again-- the first time in four months. I got these pictures from Chad Carpenter, an electrician working on the power plant project. Awesome.

The flight, after being delayed for two days due to weather, got here at 12:36 today. I scored three bananas and an apple! After months and months of every day being the same, we now have some new inhabitants. Ten people left on the flight today, and about 130 new ones came in. It's going to take some getting used to. We joke about the "invasion of the orange people", but in reality it is nice to see some new faces. I lucked out and didn't get a roommate yet. That's going to be the biggest bummer after having a single room all winter. Six more weeks, and I'll be flying the friendly skies again!


Tom said...

Nice Photos! Enjoy the freshies and sunshine!

Matt Shields said...

you're getting closer, and you still sound sane :)