Saturday, August 15, 2009

Final Trivia Night

Thursday was the final trivia night of the year. Trivia has been a high point of my season here-- it's always a hoot. My coworker, Keith "Grump" Roberts (in the blue Hawaiian shirt) is the mastermind behind the trivia questions, and is the emcee of the proceedings. My team squeaked out a win this time-- there is a lot of tough competition.

My team is called 32W, because there are 32 winter seasons between the six of us. My parters in crime are Antz and Christine Powell, Lisa Welfare, Sean Halsey and Shandra Cordovano. We have a good mix of music, movie, history, and geography knowledge between us, so we usually do okay. It also helps that Antz is a long time coworker of Grump's, and is sharp at spotting trivia questions that have been asked before.

We've been having a huge push of work lately. Just four days until the first plane of Winfly arrives (weather permitting). There has been a lot of prep work needed to make sure we're ready for the huge influx of population we expect over the next week. I spent a good chunk of last night and today breaking down my room to get ready for an (ack!) roommate. I had it quite pimped out, with a king sized bed with four mattresses, and was living in style all winter. No more. Now it's a dorm room for two. Oh well, at least we'll get freshies.

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