Thursday, January 15, 2009

Settling in

I've been doing a lot of travelling since the last post. I stayed with my dad in Louisville, CO, for a while, then visited my sister in Saint Louis, MO for a week or so. I'm still very much up in the air about my work situation-- I'm under consideration for a couple of jobs in Helena, MT, and one in Denver. If those all fall through, I still have an offer to winter at McMurdo again. Argh.

When I went to St Louis, Conan got to stay at a Doggie Day Care place in Louisville. He caught kennel cough there, and was deathly sick for a couple of weeks. He seems to be feeling a lot better now-- we even went to the great Livingston Dog Park today. I'm not sure why, but he loves my Livingston house. He sits in the front yard, basking in the sun, and just smiles all day, I like it here, too. If I had a job here, this would be a nice place to live.

The Livingston dog park is wonderful. Went there twice today. Saw a bald eagle there both times. Ran into Margot Kidder and her three dogs there today-- had a nice chat about the inauguration and dogs in general. There are several famous people around Livingston. I saw Dennis Quaid in the Costco a while back. Tom Brokaw has a place not too far from here. Most locals are oblivious to the celebrity thing. I was behind Peter Fonda in line at the Ace hardware store the other day. The young cashier didn't even know who he was (and probably wouldn't have swooned if she did). I met a guy named Bill Campbell at the dog park the other day. He produced a documentary for PBS called Wolves in Paradise. ( I hope I get to live in Montana-- I'm at the whim of the job Gods at the moment...

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