Monday, December 22, 2008

Hot Date

I drove through blinding snow from Livingston to Helena today, to make an appointment. Since Conan was born here, and I have had continuous contact with Wayne and Judy Carlson (the breeders that keep Conan's parents) in Helena, I thought I would drop him off to reminisce with his Helena family while I carried out my business.

While I was in Antarctica, Wayne and Judy acquired Gem, another un-fixed female for breeding. She's a lovely Corgi, a small, black/tri-color female. I gather that Conan and Gem got to spend a lot of time together over my austral winter season. (Since Conan is fixed, there was no possibility of hanky panky.)

I knew I would be a while at my appointment, so I dropped Conan off with his previous pen-mate. They were so glad to see each other! They played and nipped at each other, notwithstanding the horrid weather (about +2F and windy. Ick.).

When I came back from my downtown Helena appointment, they were living in sin, sharing a tiny doghouse. When I announced my presence, they came out to greet me, barking.

It was just cold. Conan was very grateful to see that I hadn't abandoned him for another ten-month Antarctic contract.

I've been spending so much time with him in our unemployment/ vacation phase, I thought it might be helpful for him to see that there is more to life than hangin' with dad at the dog park.

It just reaffirms what I already knew: there is nothing stronger than the love of a dog for his man. Yep.

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