Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ice Bound!

Well, I gave a whole bunch of folks a chance to give me a job in the real world, and none of them stepped up.

I applied for 76 jobs in the last four months, and probably had twenty interviews. Got as far as the second interview on four jobs, but no go.

The offer has stood all along to return to the ice for the austral '09 season, so here I am.

I'm at the So Hotel in downtown Christchurch, New Zealand. It's about 60F outside, and a little overcast. Yesterday was more like 70F and sunny. Gorgeous. It's the equivalent of the eighth of July here in the southern hemisphere-- a very nice time of the year here. I'm trying to think of the equivalent of Christchurch weather in the states. Sacramento, maybe. Definitely warmer and less foggy than San Francisco, but the South Island definitely reminds me of Northern California.

I'm just loading up on great meals before heading back to cafeteria land. Argh. There are a lot of great restaurants here, and a lot of the local raw materials are amazing. You have never had an egg until you've experienced a New Zealand egg. All the dairy stuff is amazing. Happy cows, I guess.

I'll be keeping this blog up over the winter, and I'll try to keep it full of good pictures. I'm also on Facebook now (Lee Gwin) if anyone wants to add me to their friends.



*Thanks and good bye in Kiwi speak.

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