Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Our fuel tanker has come and gone over the last week. In its first attempt at docking, it pinched too much ice between its hull and the ice pier-- it took them about a day to get it docked right. It brought in five million gallons of fuel, which was offloaded through a mass of big fuel hoses. Our Comms department put wireless internet and two radio telephones on the tanker for their use over the couple of days they were here in port. The icebreaker continues to cruise around in the turning basin and the shipping channel, making ready for the American Tern, the huge cargo ship that's coming to bring us more stuff, and take away our junk and trash. Ship offload is a big deal here-- it's a crazy time with trucks running night and day, and supply people running around like chickens. My department will be really busy, too, but for other reasons. We are starting to fly out to round up all of our repeaters from mountain tops, and other gear from field camps. Never a dull moment.

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