Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hjorth Hill

A week or so again, I got to fly out in a helo to fix a radio telephone at Hjorth Hill. We have a small comms hut there with various repeaters that look down on Lake Fryxell, in the McMurdo dry valleys. (, It was a cloudy day, and not so hot for photos. It was relatively warm, though, and not too unpleasant to hang out there for a while. Particularly neat rocks up there-- I did some poking around while waiting for the other half of our team to get situated at the F6 camp on Fryxell, and start looking at the phone link. On the way out and back on the helo, we saw the icebreaker Oden, just beginning to open up the shipping channel to McMurdo for the fuel tanker and the big supply ship to come in. Seeing the icebreaker like that was a tangible reminder that the summer is coming to an end soon!

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