Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, I got to Sydney about eight this morning. Never been to Australia, save for a couple of times through the Sydney airport. I like it a lot more that I thought I would. I reminds me quite a bit of Seattle and Chicago.

It's a big city, for sure. Lots of polyethnic culture going on. At least half the faces I see on the street are Asian, and young. I'm guessing there's a college near here, though I haven't learned the neighborhood yet.

I'm near Chinatown, right above the central train station. The public transportation here is amazing-- by far the best I've ever experienced. I got off the plane, on the train, and was in the middle of downtown in minutes. There is a monorail, light rail, busses, and real train service within a block of the hostel where I'm staying. My room is a converted train car-- quite appropriate.

I went to the Sydney Aquarium today-- a rare "touristy" outing. I generally stay away from the places all the tourists go to, but I had heard great things about the aquarium. It was totally worth the trip. I guess it's the #1 tourist destination in Australia. Really quite amazing. There is a huge tank that's part of the bay, with big glass tunnels where you can actually watch huge rays and sharks swimming over your head. Quite an experience. I'm going to spend another day in the big city tomorrow, then head up the coast to explore some beaches and get away from the big city scene.

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