Friday, October 29, 2010

Corgi Halloween

Well, I successfully closed the deal on the wee bungalow yesterday. The whole process has been so smooth, it's definitely like the Universe wants me to live in that house. I have the keys, and get to start moving in this evening. I can't wait. I'll get to be in my new digs for Halloween, which should be fun. I carved a special pumpkin just for the occasion (I'll post pictures of that later). I'm not planning on dressing up, and Conan certainly isn't, but here are some pictures of corgis dressed up for Halloween, sent to me from Conan's Godmother in Montana (the breeder where I got him, and where he spent over 24 months while I was on the ice and travelling.


lottia said...

Saw your post on Corgi-L and visited your blog. I was interested to hear that your Conan's Godmother (breeder) boarded him while you were on a research trip. Our cardigan, Torry, passed away this year, and one reason we hesitate to get another dog is the perennial problem of boarding. My husband and I are both scientists who work (usually for weeks, not years) at field stations where dogs are not allowed. Your post made me think about new options for having both a dog and a research career. Thanks. Annette

Mollim said...

Here is a pic of my Cardigan Welsh Corgi Violet at Halloween! We weren't going to dress her up but the turtle outfit just looked so silly. Saw you on Corgi-L also, welcome to the community! =)