Thursday, June 3, 2010

'Burbs, Ice Links

Not much new lately. Pretty much settled into the new job, and getting used to living in the 'burbs. I go home every day and take Conan straight to the dog park. Poor little guy has to rattle around in a big, empty house for ten hours, so it's a big treat for him to go run around outside. There is a huge open space about fifteen minutes from my house where he can go nuts.

I'm even more removed from the ice than I thought I would be, working in the Denver office. We do get exposed to some news of ice science and such, and I try to keep pace. I keep track of a lot of ice friends through FaceBook, blogs and e-mail. Here are some recent items of Antarctic interest: Ice Cube on WSG, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, an author who has written several novels set on the ice, and a video of scientists tagging whales.

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