Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Crozier Pictures

Here are some more pictures from my recent trip to Cape Crozier. I didn't take the one of the leopard seal, it's from USAP.gov. (It was shot at Crozier.) In one picture you can see all of Mount Erebus, with its ever present plume. In that one we are over a shoulder of Mount Terror, headed back to Mac Town. The other mountain picture is Mount Terror-- the summit is a little hard to make out. In the picture that shows the Ross Ice shelf, you can just barely make out a dirty edge to the sea ice, way down in the distance. That is actually hundreds of emperor penguins. For scale, the ice shelf is about a hundred feet high over the sea.


Jen said...

Hey Pen-

I found your blog via an old mandolin troubleshooting thread (damn thing has a d-string buzz issue, gah!). Anyway, through another odd happenstance, I'm trying to get leukemia awareness wristbands onto every continent from my blog cooking4acure.blogspot.com. Can I send you a band just to say I got one to the bottom of the earth?

Stay warm!

www.Gatto999.it said...

Great photos !...

Ciao from Italy