Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hack! Plague!

Well, it was just a matter of time. Some tanned, loud-talking Winflyer must have breathed on me just right, and now I have the dreaded McMurdo Crud. Right after dinner a couple of days ago, I got that distinctive itch in the lungs, with the scratchy throat and woozy head. The germs were burrowing in. I e-mailed my boss to tell him that I might be sleeping in and a little late for work if I woke up feeling like death the following morning.

Morning came, and I was feeling pretty rough, but not close to death, thankfully. Congested head, itchy lungs, sore throat. Not bad enough to miss work, but not the pink of health, either. I've been drinking as much water as I can stand, loading up on vitamins, and sleeping as much as possible. I took a couple hours off of work today, and took the nap of a lifetime. Crazy dreams in my delirium-- kind of fun, actually. Playing hookie and letting my immune system do its job. I feel a lot better now. Hope I get those germy little gunk monsters on the run!

(Photos by Holly Troy-- no plague connection.)

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