Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Digging Out

It's now Thursday (Trivia Night! Woo Hoo!).

Sunday and Monday were the big storm. We got 14 inches of snow, which was the record for a 24 hour period in April. It's really hard to measure snowfall, though, when it is literally horizontal. The winds were crazy, and the visibility nil. I spent all day Monday in my room, as travel was prohibited.

We awoke Tuesday to find up to ten foot snowdrifts all around town. My work building had a seven foot drift over the door to the AGE shop. All this week the major challenge has been to avoid being run over by the ubiquitous loaders mining snowdrifts all over town. There is so much heavy equipment trying to dig us out right now that it's pretty scary to be a pedestrian.

Most of the snow has been scooped away now, and we're getting close to a more normal winter. That was the biggest storm I've ever seen down here, but far from the biggest one we've had.

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Matt Shields said...

dig the photo!

thanks for updates on winter in MCM